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For Educators

Resources for Art Educators 

We want to make our illustration contest as educator-friendly as possible, which we think we've done with free lesson plans, student worksheets and more. 

To share our contest with your students, direct them to this website ( where they can click on the contest page and submit an entry for free. You can also download our call for submissions postcard here. All students age 13-19 are welcome regardless of location, language, citizenship, etc.

Why should your students submit? 

1. Portfolios! 2 page spreads are great additions to any illustration portfolio, especially for students applying to arts colleges and universities. 
2. Real work experience! The winner will illustrate "Purple Rules" which will be released within a year. This is a chance to see their work in print and e-book formats. 
3. Publicity! We'll be including the student's name in all press releases related to the book launch, as well as in a dedicated contest mailing and all future press releases. Outside of print and digital publicity, their name will be immortalized on the cover of "Purple Rules" by David YayGrr. 
4. Money! Finalists will win $200 to create full-book sketches. The chosen illustrator will get a $2,000 illustration contract. 

How to incorporate this contest into my curriculum? 

It's easy if you use one our lesson plans. Our Illustration Lesson Plan is an excellent outline of how to introduce important illustration concepts to students and includes a planning worksheet to get students started.  

For instructors with elementary schools nearby, we suggest encouraging students to do a small focus group with younger students in your district. We've put together a combined read-aloud and focus group lesson plan for schools who have the time for collaboration. The read-aloud uses David YayGrr's book, Nikki Durant and the Terrible Can't which can be purchased through our website or on Kindle for a discounted $2.99 throughout the duration of the illustration contest. 

As always, our educational resources are free to use, and we'd love feedback or suggestions for activities you used in your classroom.