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Current Top Entries for David YayGrr's Purple Rules Illustration Contest

Nicole Yeager

Voting Closed

With only three more days of voting left on our "Purple Rules" Illustration Contest, we'd like to introduce the current top artists. These are the top submissions, based exclusively on popular vote (as of the time this article was written). Hopefully you'll get to learn more about some of the front runners and cast your vote(s) for the submissions you like best! 

We'll be extending voting to 4/21 at 11:59pm EST to allow for late entries to get the votes they need.

Also, we want to add a friendly reminder that all proceeds from the final book will be donated to Artolution. While we're excited to make a meaningful difference to Artolution's fundraising efforts in the future, we'd also like to encourage our fans, readers, and voters to donate now to support this amazing organization in their current struggle to provide digital access to program participants while quarantined/social distancing.

Covid has impacted everyone and every organization differently, and we hope that everyone is staying safe... and voting for these great artists while at least 2 meters away from your neighbors!

1.Jenny Z. from San Diego, California.

 Jenny Zhu Purple Rules David YayGrr

What excites you most about the possibility of winning this contest?
As a 15 year old student from San Diego, California, art has been a major source of expressing my emotions and a form allows me to share my imagination with others. To me art is something to be enjoyed yet woven with a deeper meaning, where a lesson can be found beneath the harmony of colors. The craft and thought that is put into a piece is vital, which is why this contest appealed to me and I was so eager to join. Personally, I found that the book "Purple Rules" was not just a simple tale, but rather it is one of peace and loss, of discrimination as well as overcoming adversities as a whole. It teaches everyone the value of being different -of being colorful- because it is our true colors that define us. It is an allegory to the real world where children can take valuable life lessons from. This aspect of the book is what makes it stand out from the rest and was so important to me as a person who once faced some of these problems. I want to be able to share my visions with children, inspiring them to be the Jefferson Blue in their own heroic journeys, and that is what motivates me the most.

Jenny Zhu Toyota

Is there anything else you want to share with our audience? 
I have always been passionate about creating art that expresses a certain feeling, one that transforms the viewer into a new world, one that leaves people thinking, which is why I absolutely love joining art contests. This is one of my past works that I entered into the 2017 toyota art contest.

2. Julianne D., from England. 

Julianne Daly David YayGrr Purple Rules

What excites you most about the possibility of winning this contest?
I got interested in joining this competition because I had been struggling with art inspiration recently so I thought this would be a great opportunity to try out something new. When I read the book it gave me lots of inspiration for illustrations I want to create, and it was difficult to pick just one, so the idea of possibly winning this competition and being able to illustrate a whole book is absolutely amazing and I already have some ideas I'd love to contribute. 
It was fun coming up with a new style of drawing that would be appealing to children reading the book as I usually go for realism, so painting in this fun, fantastical style was a great change of pace, but I'm open to adapting the style if possible, especially since I feel like my original image could be improved/cleaned up.
Is there anything else you want to share with our audience? 
I'm also really excited because honestly I didn't expect the response I got to my work, but thanks to my friends, family, and followers I now have this chance to do this project and potentially have something else to put on my CV for more opportunities in the future. 
Thank you to everyone who reposted/shared/voted for my work, it means the world to me! I hope the one day my work can inspire others too.
Julieanne daly david yaygrr purple rules

Where can you find more of Julianne's work?
My Instagram is:

3. Gi P. from Nova Scotia, Cananda. 

Gi P David YayGrr Purple Rules

What excites you most about the possibility of winning this contest?
Stories and art have always been a huge part of my life. Since I was young I've dreamed of telling my own stories like the authors and illustrators I grew up enjoying! Being able to be a part of this project is a dream come true for me! Also, I really love the charity the profits are going towards! Coming from a really rural area, I wish I had more access to art programs throughout  elementary school. 
Working with this story has been an incredible experience. I am absolutely thrilled that my entry got so much attention! I work really hard to bring stories to life through my art! I hope my passion for storytelling shines through in my artwork and it is able to carry the important messages in the story to the reader. 

Is there anything else you want to share with our audience? 
I do have some experience with making picture books for children, and I love seeing children enjoying my art!
Gi P illustration cap'n crunch
Where can you find more of Gi's art? 
You can find me on Instagram at @captain_crunchhhh 


4. Ella O. from Minnesota 

Ella O PUrple Rules David YayGrr

What excites you most about the possibility of winning this contest?
To me, this contest means having the opportunity to do something that I would have never seen myself doing, especially at such a young age! Ever since I began to read, the main thing that drew me into books was the illustration. I didn’t ever think that I would have the chance to illustrate a book myself. So, the possibility of winning this contest excites me because of the unique opportunity it gives me. It is extremely exciting to think of the possibility of having my illustration be the one catching the eye of children across the world. The way the book talks about such big topics in a way that children could understand amazes me. I would love to be a part of a book that tells such an important story. 


Is there anything else you want to share with our audience? 
I really realized my passion for art when I got into high school and every day I learn more as both an artist and a person. I work hard to improve and grow, and if given the chance I will do everything to portray this powerful story the best that I can. I would also like to thank everyone who has voted for me so far. Before this contest I was not aware of just how much support was surrounding me. It means a lot to have been able to see how many people actively support me. 

Where can you find more of Ella’s work?Instagram:

Bonus: Vanshika K. from New Brunswick, Canada

(Vanshika was in the top submissions when this post was originally compiled and then bumped down to #6 before publishing. We decided to share anyways!)

Vanshika Khaitan Purple Rules David YayGrr

What excites you most about the possibility of winning this contest?
I have always been fascinated with creating art. Whether it be through paintings, through school projects or through drawing, it has always been my passion. The possibility of winning this contest excites me because it will provide me with the opportunity to illustrate an entire children's book! Illustrating a children's book has always been a dream of mine ever since I began reading Dr. Suess' storybooks as a kid. It would be incredible to have my artwork in a storybook that a child will treasure one day. Purple Rules teaches young children valuable lessons about prejudice and discrimination. As a child, this is definitely something I struggled with as I was not exposed to these ideas at an early age. I would be so thrilled to be connected with a book that carries such important messages to teach young children.

Is there anything else you want to share with our audience? 
Ever since quarantine has begun, many schools have deemed the arts as non-essential subjects. It is opportunities like these that offer students in the arts an opportunity to continue creating and I would be so grateful to be a part of it. it is important that we stay creative and positive during times like thee and Purple Rules does exactly that! 
Vanshika Khaitan

Where can you find more of Vanshika's art? 
Check out more of my artwork on Instagram or my website!

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