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Where we donate

Purple Rules
While we wish that political turmoil only affected the children of fictional lands like We, we realize that this is not the case. Using the Purple Rules book and Illustration Contest, we hope to unite young people around the world and help people come together through stories and art. We believe this type of collective creativity can heal wounds, create a sense of belonging, and help unite the next generation of global citizens. 
Our partner organization for this release is Artolution, which shares many of the same beliefs. We worked together to promote our illustration contest around the globe and will be donating every penny outside of printing cost to their hard-working team. 
Here's a little about their organization: 

Artolution strengthens communities in crisis through the power of art. By facilitating locally-led, collaborative art-making programs around the world, they focus on creating space for communities experiencing crisis to shape their own narrative. Artolution has first hand experience of the innate resilience that lives within each individual in the communities where they work and how story-telling through art creates the atmosphere for positive social change. 

Artolution has worked with communities in more than 30 countries, completing over 300 public art projects, and currently offers year-round programs for crisis-affected youth living in Azraq Refugee Camp in Jordan, Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh, Bidi Bidi Refugee Settlement in Uganda, Venezuelan migrants and internally displaced communities in Colombia, and marginalized communities in the United States. 

Nikki Durant and the Terrible Can't
Given the situation with families who have been separated throughout the last year in the United States, it seemed important to donate our money accordingly. 
We realize the problems children who are separated from their families face now and in the future are far more sinister than a Terrible Can't, but we hope with additional support and continued donations from people around the world, these kids can also get to THERE. Wherever, or whatever, THERE might be for them. And we hope to contribute to that goal with the sale of these books. 
The organization we've chosen, KIND, provides pro-bono legal services and policy education to families who have been separated at the border. If you'd like more information on them or why we chose that particular organization, just let us know.  
All Books: Buy One, Give One 
When you choose the Buy One, Give One option on our website, we donate a brand new, signed copy of our book directly to a school or library in an under-funded or under-resourced community. We donate these directly to known locations that are in need, or through established book donation programs. All books are physically shipped to the organization or recipient school/library within one month of customer purchase.