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Where we donate

For books sold in the United States:
Given the current situation with children at the border right now, it seemed relevant to donate our money there. It doesn't matter if you're a red friend or a blue friend,  this isn't about politics. Three, four, five year old children don't ask to be born into any given country. They didn't make a decision to cross any border. In fact, borders don't exist for children so young. The only thing real to them is love and safety.... two things that have been taken away from so many toddlers and kids currently in Texas and other border states. 
We realize the problems these children face now and in the future are far more sinister than a Terrible Can't, but we hope with additional support and continued donations from people around the world, these kids can also get to THERE. Wherever, or whatever, THERE might be for them. And we hope to contribute to that goal with the sale of these books. 
The organization we've chosen, KIND, provides pro-bono legal services and policy education to families who have been separated at the border. If you'd like more information on them or why we chose that particular organization, just let us know.  
For books sold in Thailand:
All money will go to a Thai run NGO that is yet to be determined. Once the organizations is decided upon, we'll post information here.