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About the Writer

When David Yeager became a father to his daughter, Nikki Yeager, he often found himself secreting away moments in his jam-packed stay-at-home dad schedule to write down rhymes that he just couldn't get out of his head. Those rhymes eventually became stories that he and his family fell in love with. After many failed attempts to see his writing get picked up by a major publisher, he finally boxed away his books and moved on. 

Years later that same daughter dug up Nikki Durant and the Terrible Can't and, after starting and stopping many times, finished illustrating the entire book. She then printed the first 500 copies at a local printer and set to work getting them into the hands of children. Since then, David and Nikki have been working together to spread his stories as far and wide as possible.

Because money isn't the end goal, they've decided to donate all profit made from their books to help children around the world.

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