Free Read Aloud and Art Activity with Gi Pellerin 12/19/2020!


Press alert! "Guysborough teen wins local illustration contest."

Nicole Yeager

We just received the final illustrations from our illustration contest winner, Gi Pellerin! We're so excited to unveil her work to all of you in the coming month(s). In the meantime, we'd like to share this incredible article from Lois Ann Dort at the Guysborough Journal in Canada. You can learn a little bit more about Gi and what we're planning as the printing process begins to move forward. 

Gi Pallerin Purple Rules David YayGrr

If you're a member of the press or have an interest in Gi, please send us a message at As we get closer to our launch date, we're happy to share our story and the message behind our book with anyone who is interested!

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