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Maile H.

Nicole Yeager

Maile Hoe David YayGrr Purple Rules Illustrator

Maile H.

We chose Maile as an "Author's Choice" pick because we couldn't stop coming back to her illustration. It was just different than the others. Not only did she use a completely different color scheme than the other artists, but the faces in her drawings all had a unique shape and feel to them. Additionally, her explanation about her illustration in our "Author's Favorites" blog post really touched us. We can't wait to see what she does next!

1. How long have you been dong art? How did you get started?

I’ve been drawing and doodling for a really long time(my grandparents have some pretty interesting scribbles at their house), but I think I’ve been really working to improve since 4th or 5th grade.

2. Do you plan on working in art/illustration in the future? If so, what's your dream job?
Yes! I personally would love a job in concept design or animation—world-building is such a fascinating aspect of storytelling, and I would love to just build worlds all my life.
3. What do you like most about the book, "Purple Rules" by David YayGrr? 
Gosh, there’s a lot of really amazing things in this book. For one, the concept is pretty fun and very relative to the real world—people of all colors of the rainbow dealing with unfair rules and discrimination? Very relevant, unfortunately.
I also love Jefferson. Obviously, he’s the hero, but the way he wins the say is by pointing out flaws in the Purple King’s mindset and making fun of him with his own point of view. It’s entertaining, but more so inspiring.
4. Is there a scene you're most excited create a sketch for in the book? What scene and why?
Ooh, that’s a toughy. Composition-wise, every scene with the Purple King will be fun. The goal is for him to be very animatedly evil...However, Purple Rule #3(removing people off their land) hits especially close to my people’s history. We, like many native people, are no strangers to being evicted from our homelands in the name of progress.
5. If anyone is interested in working with you in the future, how should they reach out to you? 
Well, I have an Instagram account @kilape_at_large (thats pretty much it for now).

Maile's original entry in the "Purple Rules" Illustration Contest is below: 

Maile David YayGrr

Maile originally wrote this caption in her initial post:

When I read through YayGrr's poem, I really felt the relevance to current times. There's a lot of separation and isolation because of people who don't see that we are all crazy, unique parts of a wonderful, diverse whole! So, I wanted to make sure that any characters that are seen when you're reading the book look like real people (well, as real as you can get when you're bright pink...). I also wanted there to be a sense of, "this is a lesson that applies to the real world out here, not just to these zany-looking characters in a kids book." They look fun and cartoony, but also modern and relevant

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