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Purple Rules

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Purple Rules
Purple Rules
Purple Rules

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The Purple King has taken over the Land of We! See what happens when this evil king attempts to control the land with his color-based rule. Young readers will experience the ups and downs of this story, cheering for one brave citizen who attempts to squash the king with his clever cure. Will the Land of We be able to unite and outsmart the Purple King in time?

Immerse yourself in this tale as first-time illustrator, Gi P, brings the characters to life through her brightly colored illustrations and detailed imagery. This fun rhyming book is a great way to introduce the concepts of diversity and equality to all children, without preaching. 

Kids will be on the edge of their seats starting from page one... how will it all end? 

This book is best suited for ages 5-10. 


100% of "Purple Rules" profits will be donated to Artolution, a public arts organization facilitating art programs for kids around the world.  



"The history of the world is rich and colorful, and I am very grateful for the mesh of cultures that I am personally able to experience within my community. However, as a result of our surface-level differences, conflicts undoubtedly arise. "Purple Rules" explores this concept of segregation and discrimination masterfully, subtly delving into the cruel treatment of minorities from the Trail of Tears to Jim Crow Laws to Alien and Sedition Acts within American History.... This book is a unique coming-of-age venture for children to learn about the differences within our communities"
- Hannah Li, Artist

"The story is genius in every way and the pictures played in my head like a movie." - Mackenzie Cox

"The story of “Purple Rules” is all about inclusivity and diversity, and it is very important to let the young readers know that."
- K.

“Having experienced discrimination myself, I found the text to be incredibly powerful. Prejudice is a very difficult topic to understand, for children and adults alike. That's why it's essential to teach young children about it in hopes that one day, prejudice may be abolished. I think stories like these are the perfect way to do so"
- Sujana H

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