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Charlene K.

Nicole Yeager

Charlene KuteesaCharlene K. 
United Kingdom

We decided to allow the entrant with the third highest number of votes to continue on as a semi-finalist because that person happened to be Charlene and we loved her work. This image was one of the most dramatic, which caught our eye since at it's core, this is a dramatic book. Many of the other submissions shied away from making this scene intimidating because they new children would be reading it. That being said, our 4 year old test subject chose this picture above all the rest! Learn more about Charlene K. below. 

1. How did you get started doing art?
As for what you need to know about me is that: I started off really into doing realism and I got quite good at that. I still love it now but I wanted to see how well the skills I had grown translated into creating a whole world of people and how to draw someone's personality without having to say a single word.

2. Do you plan on working in art/illustration in the future? If so, what's your dream job?
In the future I think I would love to dabble in everything art related not just illustration because there are so many branches in the art industry that the things we take for granted for example the chair in your living room , that began with a skectch and I think that is so beautiful  that I want to be a part of it. I also love crating original realism because l love the idea of using the barriers set in real life and bending it to fit into my vision. I especially love drawing faces I would love that one day I would draw a random face that I've never seen then years later a person with that exact face came and saw my art and was like woah that's me. :D

3. What do you like most about the book, "Purple Rules" by David YayGrr? 
This is why I liked the book purple rules soo much because its whole purpose was to celebrate people's differences so the challenge wasn't just illustrating good characters but making each individual colour fit in the same world. I didn't want everyone to look so different that they belonged in a whole different story.

4. Is there a scene you're most excited create a sketch for in the book? What scene and why?
The scene that at first excited me was obviously the one that I drew but as I got to brainstorming I think that right now my favourite scene is when the book talks about each colour living together in harmony because it gave me a chance to draw everyone in the same place interacting with each other bringing the Land of We to life.

5. If anyone is interested in working with you in the future, how should they reach out to you? 
I think if I were to do this again in the future i would love to be contacted by the person in question on social media because it makes the situation informal as it should be because i believe that the writer is the first person to have a great vision of what their book will so the illustrator should be their to turn that into reality. But in this case we have free reign which is actually as hard as it is fun. 

Charlene's original entry in the "Purple Rules" Illustration Contest is below:


Charlene wrote this about her entry, which was done using ibispaint x on her phone: 
"So after reading the story the purple king seemed stuck up until the very end but his soldiers didn't do much so I thought it would be fun to make the king seem and look flamboyant and over exaggerated. And I made the soldiers all the same because the seemed to be used by the king as objects to suggest to his 'immense' power. To make the design of the king i drew inspiration from the character Hades from Hercules and overall just slimy characters. Thank you for considering this."

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