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Zainab K.

Nicole Yeager

Zainab Khalid david yaygrr purple rules
United Kingdom 
Thanks to all of your votes, Zainab was one of our top voted entries. She gained popularity quicker than any other submission. She's clearly gotten all of your attention and now we're excited to see what else she comes up with. 
1. How long have you been doing art? How did you get started?
Art has been something that has stuck with me since I was 7 years old, my mum bought me a
small watercolour palette to get started and ever since then I have grown attached and it’s what
2. Do you plan on working in art/illustration in the future? If so, what's your dream job?
I want to pursue as a career! My dream job is to be an illustrator, and a freelance artist. Working with children’s books, posters and advertisements has always been a dream of mine.
3. What do you like most about the book, "Purple Rules" by David YayGrr?
Being a person of colour, this book resonated with me on many levels. It takes a trivial subject and simplifies it in a way to communicate with the younger children. The idea and morals behind this piece promotes diversity and acceptance.
4. Is there a scene you're most excited to create a sketch for in the book? What scene and why?
The scene I look most forward to create a sketch for is:
"When the king heard what Jefferson had said,
He clenched his teeth and his face turned red.
Seeing this Jefferson said to the king,
Oh my! Your highness, I think you should know,
Now your face seems to have a . . . non-purple glow."
I love this scene as the purple king finally gets exposed for not being his true colour and realises he is being embarrassed in front of the people of We. The sketch for this scene has so many creative possibilities.
5. If anyone is interested in working with you in the future, how should they reach out to you?
My email is: and my Instagram is: :)

Zainab's original entry in the "Purple Rules" Illustration Contest is below: Zed

From her initial entry, Zainab wrote: 
 "When first reading the Purple Rules passage, I immediately had a creative vision of what I thought would represent this part of the passage the best. I weirdly got inspired by Doodlebops! Which is a tv show which has each character assigned to their own colour. Therefore I made sure each character had their own monochromatic outfit as well as ‘aura’, just like in the Purple Rules book. In this piece I wanted to portray an easy understanding story suitable for those of 5-12 years old. The chosen passage includes Jefferson Blue going up the the Purple King with a colour cure, therefore I had the intention to make Jefferson Blue kneel before him despite the kings ‘scary vibe’."

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  • Wow! These illustrations really stand out and I think they would work greatly for Purple Rules. I can see you have a lot of support behind you! I’m a fan!


  • Such great artistic skill displayed by this young artist, the perfect interpretation of what a children’s book should look like.

    I N A A M

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